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The Byker Grove Wiki is all about the classic CBBC teen drama series, Byker Grove which ran for eighteen series and 344 episodes from 8 November 1989 – 10 December 2006. It was aimed at an older teenager and young adult audience, tackling serious and sometimes controversial storylines such as drug addiction, child abuse, homelessness, teen pregnancy, homophobia, and abortion.

Although some of the action took place outside the youth club, the series was unusual among dramas in that the characters were rarely shown in school. One of the major settings was the foster home run by the kindly but strict Lou Gallagher, the longest-running character.

This wiki aims to cover and provide detailed information about all aspects of the show including pages on the characters, the episodes, the locations and the cast. This wiki is fan made and so if anyone would like to contribute, go ahead!

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